Meeting The Needs of South Africa

Meet Pastor Malvory Peffer, a born and bred South African, who constantly praises God for teaming his ministry with Evangelism Training International, and believes, “One of the greatest things that has happened in my life is meeting Pastor David Hook and being led by God to join with ETI.”  This pastor has a heart sold out to God and aching to reach his fellow South Africans.  God is doing wonderful miracles in South Africa, and opening unexpected doors of opportunity.   “Through my position, there are other black states that are eagerly waiting for us to come and evangelize at their schools.” stated Pastor Malvory Peffer.  The field is ripe for the harvest. Evangelism Training International is bringing its training techniques and ministering contacts into the South African arena.  Men and women come from miles away, usually by bus or bicycle, to be trained so they will be better prepared as they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  They are eager to learn and to help their hurting nation.  “You will see as a result of ETI… more people being trained and brought into the kingdom of God.” Pastor Peffer also shared his deepest concern, “My personal passion is for the continuance of this program allowing anyone to be trained who wants to be a soul-winner.” He never wants money, or the lack thereof, to be a hindrance to any person God calls into evangelism.  “Your support allows others to be trained, and not to be unable to afford such crucial training.” His vision is God opening doors and supplying Africa’s need for men and women to change their world.  “Together we will team and make an impact upon the continent of Africa…Right now we are a little bit restricted because of time and resources, but we trust God” explains Pastor Peffer.  “Africa is bordering on a tremendous spiritual revival, and will need men and women who are skillfully trained on how to reach men and women for Christ.” But Pastor Peffer does not believe that evangelism is to be found only in the individual, but the church as a whole.  He shares, “I believe ETI has come in a crucial time when we need to train men and women to facilitate an opportunity for our local churches to meet the challenges they meet every day.” And Pastor Peffer believes the main challenge all of South Africa is dealing with (church, state, and families) is the devastating effect of HIV and AIDS. Pastor Peffer wants to offer hope – not hope for a cure, but hope for an eternal destiny.  “When we are partnered with ETI, we can have the experience of leading people infected with the HIV pandemic to Christ.” He wants to offer them peace, assurance, and love.  “In the Cape Town area, out of 6 million people, 1 in 4 is infected with HIV – and we can foresee a tremendous problem in the next 3 to 5 years, there will be a lot of deaths and we do not want them to die lost, but to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.  Our focus has always been, and continues to be, to share with these HIV homes in a meaningful way how they can know Christ, so when they die, they can have a hope to go to heaven one day.” Pastor Peffer also wanted to include a word of thanks to all those making this ministry possible.  “I am personally grateful to all the donors who are helping and ETI.  I pray you will be able to influence other people also to get onboard with this great mission we have, to reach this great continent with the message of Jesus Christ.” To reach the continent, to reach the continents – to reach the world for Jesus Christ, these are the reasons why Evangelism Training International exists.  May God bless our work and be glorified in meeting the needs of others.  Amen, and amen. Please click the following link to watch Pastor Malvory Peffer share about Evangelism Training International and South Africa Malvory Peffer