Pastoral Scholarships

During the month of March in 2013 the World Bank released an announcement many of those involved in the continent of Africa already knew. That announcement was that Africa is the world’s poorest inhabited continent. Some financial growth has taken place and the World Bank report went on to state that Africa should achieve “middle income” status (at least $1,000 USD per person, annually) by 2025 if economic growth continue. Did you read that number in the last sentence? Can you imagine living on $1000 a year? Many in Africa live on less. Much less. Forbes Magazine produced this chart of annual incomes from some of the very same countries in Africa you have heard about on the news.

Africa-income The point of all of this is that our ministry shoulders the responsibility to train the pastors who attend our evangelism training sessions. We also cover not only the costs of our staff members’ transportation, food, and lodging but that of the pastoral attendees a well. You read that right. Without our help these pastors might never be able to attend these life-changing training sessions. The only way we can offer this training is to have the funds available to cover the costs of training materials as well as some way too feed these people. If you are wondering why the push to train only pastors and ministry personnel you can use the following chart.

At the top of the chart you will notice the red block signifying the pastor who has attended one of our evangelism training sessions. When they return to their home church or ministry they will train 2 members (orange blocks) of their congregations. In turn each of these trainees lead 2 folks to Jesus Christ (dark yellow) as Savior. Each of these new Christians at one point or another will lead 2 more folks to Jesus. And on the chart goes. As each person reaches another person or more you can see how the number increases more and more. And all from just training one pastor. A pastor who then trains his flock. Who then goes out into their homes, neighborhoods and workplaces leading others to Christ. Just this example alone shows there are 28 new Christians from the one pastor. Now multiply that by the number of attendees at our evangelism training sessions. Also multiply the number of people (trainees) that the pastor will teach our soul-winning methods to. Now you can see how training pastors allows us to expose more folks to the Gospel but this takes money.

Perhaps you could help in these tough economic times. Especially in light of the fact that the annual income of these folks is lower than a good many Americans. We came up with this scholarship idea to solicit funds for these pastors to be able to attend our evangelism training sessions. With your help we can not only go over to Africa but we can bring in more people to our training sessions. If God is leading you to help either the ETI ministry of just one or more of these godly pastors then we’d love to speak to you about it. Use our Contact Us page for details on how to get in touch with us regarding this life-changing opportunity.