Evangelism Training – America

A lot of folks ask us “What about North America?” when they find out we are an international ministry. And that’s a great question to ask because we welcome questions about our training methods and the areas in which we conduct these training sessions. Evangelism Training International is true to its name in that it truly does reach into all parts of the world. America isn’t ignored, on the contrary, we conduct soul-winning schools on the city, state, regional, and national levels. Many groups extend their church hospitality to our trainers and allow us to tech their staff and congregation how they can grow in evangelism for their church. Some folks take the training to gain answers to tough questions and we all know how difficult it can be at times to share your faith in Christ with others. Personal evangelism many times grows into participation in church-wide outreach programs which is another area that Evangelism Training International has training programs for. One other question we hear is that “Since your roots are Southern Baptist so would we be willing to conduct training programs involving my church even though it isn’t Southern Baptist?” The answer to that question is a resounding YES! Our ministry is non-denominational. We aren’t at work building churches and denominations, we are at work building the Kingdom of Christ and there aren’t any denominations in Heaven. So let’s return to the earlier question, “What about North America?” Our ministry is based out of the Central Florida area where we have conducted evangelism training (soul-winning, outreach) programs through the area and into other parts of the State of Florida. But we don’t stop there! We travel anywhere and everywhere that God opens a door to throughout the United States of America. And He has opened many. Ask yourself this question, if you will: “Would my church or ministry benefit by sponsoring a training session performed by Evangelism Training International?” If so, contact us {make a live link} and we will be glad to correspond with you about setting up an evangelism training program in your church or ministry. Language barriers are broken down through the use of local translators in the case of areas of ethnic concentrations where such services are needed. This use of local translators does several things: 1) allows us to “speak” to the people in a way in which they can better understand us, 2) it trains the translators in our outreach training, and 3) it teaches us words and phrases common to other cultures that we can use again in our training sessions elsewhere in America. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us here at E.T.I. about setting up a training session to train your lay people and ministry personnel on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a dying world. We, all Christians, were charged with the responsibility of sharing God’s perfect message of Love with others and our ministry is ready and able to teach you how to effectively share the Gospel. Won’t you please pray and ask God how He can use you in our ministry? Countries of North America United States of America, Canada.