2008 Migowi Pastors Evangelism Conference

Conference Brother Malvory (in sweater vest) teaches a group of pastors in Malawi. Here is a communication from Brother Duncan who originally contacted Brother Dave Hook of Evangelism Training International to arrange the training sessions for these pastors. Dear Dave, What a wonderful time we are having here in Malawi with Pastor Malvory Peffer ! We are enjoying the conference very much. Yesterday there were over 80 pastors and church leaders that attended the conference. The messages were very touching and amazing, so inspiring. All the pastors were blessed to hear the messages. Pastor Peffer is a great blessing to us. God revealed to us many things that were not known to us. We had three services, one in the morning , another in afternoon then the last at evening. At evening Pastor Peffer preached to many people that came to listen to Open Air meeting. Many souls received Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord ! I attach the photo of some pastors standing with Pastor Peffer. God bless you. Duncan