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The Vision of God’s Love In Africa
We have a vision to be able to place our meeting tent in areas where we will be able to conduct two week long evangelistic crusades. These crusades will be held to take the Gospel of God’s love and salvation into even the remotest parts of Africa. Our vision if for the entire African continent to be exposed to the Word of God that these souls, who are hungry for God, can hear the Good News of Christ’s redemption. We pray for the sick and needy, helping in whatever areas it is possible. Medical help is much needed in African as evidenced by the many, many images in the news throughout the world today. Many are responding such as music superstar Bono of the band U2, yet many more are needed. Along with medical help the is a pressing need for spiritual help from the Great Physician, and it is in this void that we endeavor to help. We provide professional counseling and assistance to drug and alcohol abuse, broken marriages, Satanism, demonic bindings, etc.. Poverty, war, illness, frustration and many other worldly influences cause great pain to the people of Africa. These also lead the good people of Africa to seek refuge in lifestyles that ultimately lead to destruction. Will you help us by praying for these that are held captive by the ravages of sinful lifestyles? We nurture and develop those who chose and accepts Christ as their Savior by referring them to a cell group in their area. Without Jesus there is truly no hope for the African continent, and mankind as a whole. We plant the seeds and watch as God waters the souls of these precious ones that have accepted Christ as their means of salvation in these tumultuous times. We act a Gods hands and feet here on earth as we work with those who choose to follow Him by guiding them, encouraging them, and training them using the Word of God. Will you join us? The fields are ripe but the workers are few. Will you consider being a worker alongside Gods Love in Africa?