God’s Love In Africa & Evangelism Training International

Evangelism Training International is a ministry both focused on and blessed by the Great Commission that Jesus gave to all of us in Matthew 28:18-20. Our call into this dynamic ministry was an answer prayers concerning the need for people to know how to effectively share the Gospel of Jesus.

Our training is a time-proven method that is very simply learned using the ”Three-Tiered Process” of teaching the fundamentals of Basic Witnessing, Discipleship and Advanced Tactics.

Each area is thoroughly explained using clear concise techniques that are easily learned during your outreach training sessions with friends, family members and co-workers. Nothing is left to chance during the evangelism training. Sessions cover everything from basic evangelism training, converting new Christians into true Disciples of Christ and even into sharing Jesus with children cults and world religions.

Your help is always welcome at Evangelism Training International! We place tremendous value on the many prayers of those consistently praying over this ministry. Our financial partners help keep the doors open, the lights on as well as the other financial needs of a ministry of this size.

Without a doubt there are a plethora of ministries in the world today asking for help, prayers and financial contributions. All we ask is that you consider coming alongside as a ministry partner because people need the Lord and there just aren’t enough trained soul-winners to go around. Your help in our ministry will have a world-reaching impact as the Word never returns void. Join us today by signing up for our monthly newsletter.