The Ministry of God’s Love In Africa

We are a non-denominational ministry seeking to work with all denominations and ministries reaching people for Christ. God doesn’t command us to only work within certain groups as we fulfill the Great Commission, He calls us all to work in the fields. God’s Love in Africa has a fervent desire to help facilitate groups from other denominations and countries as they travel to the African continent to work with the multitude of African people groups. As other churches embark upon evangelistic crusades on the African continent we assist in whatever way that we can to insure the harvest of souls for the Kingdom is carried out with excellence.Many churches have never been to our continent so we help establish contacts, meeting venues, transportation, lodging as well as work alongside of them as they present their crusades. We also conduct our own tent crusades wherever God leads and directs us, seeking to evangelize all people. We pattern our crusades as the Apostle Paul did by holding crusades where God leads us to. If it is your desire for us to hold an evangelistic crusade in your area then please use our Contact Form to let us know of your desire. We purpose to be an extension of the love of Christ by helping the poor and needy in practical ways. The poor are not poor by choice and desire to be self-supporting and ye they still need a helping hand to get back onto their feet. We motivate Christians to pray and prepare for revival. Even those that live in prosperous countries have a need for encouragement from time to time and encouragement is needed even more on the African continent. Will you pray for our ministry and for those that we minister to? We arrange and coordinate personal evangelism schools. Equipping the saints to go out into the vastness of Africa to spread the Gospel of Christ is a passion of God’s Love In Africa.