Home Base For Our Missions Trips


Evangelism Training International is committed to the Great Commission here in the USA and abroad as well. This section of our web site will be used to show various missions trips that Dr. Hook and other members of the Evangelism Training International team has had the privilege to be a part of. While some feel that it may be ineffective sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those of other countries due to language, cultural or religion barriers, it is the desire of those of us at Evangelism Training International to go where needed and where God sends us. No matter the country or culture we are eager to train others to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with others so they may share in the eternity of Heaven promised to those that believe in Jesus Christ and his payment for our sins on the Cross of Calvary. If your church is interested in training or materials please contact Dr. Dave Hook for more information using our Contact Us link at top of your screen. For more information about our current list of evangelistic projects you may use the handy drop-down list at the top of your page or this list below: Have you ever been interested in taking a mission trip to the continent of Africa and have some questions needing answered? We have a free informational page here on our web site that will answer your questions about a mission trip to Africa. If you have still more questions then please feel free to contact us with them. We would be glad to answer your questions about traveling to Africa.