My Brother’s Keeper

Well? Are You?

Recently I came back from Africa from our ninth trip. The LORD showed up in such powerful ways and did amazing things! We trained believers in three different cities in South Africa, shared the Gospel to over 900 children at one time, etc., etc. It was wonderful! I met for the second time a very eminent dentist that is passionate about reaching people for Christ. With joy on his face, he told me how he strategically structures a conversation with his dental assistant on spiritual things while he is working on patients. Dr. David will say to his assistant,“Mandy, what do you think the Bible means when it says you must be born again?” They then converse back and forth while the patient is being worked on. Dr David told me that his patients never get upset; but on the contrary, they find the conversations very intriguing. I watched the joy on Dr. David’s face transform to a look of great concern as the topic changed. Dr. David was trained at one of ETI’s trainings in Johannesburg, South Africa over three years ago and learned how to be an effective and powerful witness for Jesus. Since then he has taught believers in Lesotho, Mozambique, and India how to share the Gospel. I mentioned to him how the Muslim influence was pushing southward and the line where Christians and Muslims intersected in Africa was around Nigeria. With the pain and concern in his heart visible, Dr David said, “Brother Dave, no my brother. That is not correct. That used to be true, but in recent years the Muslims have pushed much farther south.” Not wanting to miss a word, my eyes were fastened and I was now hanging on his every word. “Dave, in the last several years, that line has moved much farther south. Now the Muslims are very thick in Malawi and Mozambique. It used to be that Namibia was completely Christian, but many Africans are becoming Muslims in Namibia and the Islamic influence is spreading quickly even in Namibia.” With my mouth hung open in disbelief, I asked him why. Dr. David informed me of an astounding reality in Africa. He said, “In Africa, death is a reality and many people die from AIDS, famine, disease, and war. As Africans are confronted with death, most have little or no money, so they go to the church asking for help to bury their loved one. Many churches turn these hurting people away and tell them that since they’re not part of their congregation they cannot help them. In desperation, the people go to the Muslims and ask for help. The Muslims tell them that they will not only help them with the expense to bury their loved one, but they will help them get back on their feet after this tragedy.” I was completely astounded to say the least! It sounds like this should be what the church is doing! This should be a wake-up call for the church of Jesus Christ! We cannot stick our heads in the sand and pretend this will go away. We must be proactive, roll up our sleeves, and start loving, living, and sharing Christ not only with our words, but with our actions. Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!