Our YouTube™ and GodTube™ Videos

We recently began posting some of our videos on YouTube(tm) to expose them to a wider audience than the one on GodTube(tm) which has been good for us. These videos below are from one or more of our evangelism training trips to Africa, Haiti or possibly right here in America.

Some years back we created some videos and posted them on GodTube(tm) so that others can see the places we’ve been during our evangelism training trips. Each is short so it won’t take up too much of your time to watch. And hey, if you enjoy these videos we’d surely appreciate it if you would send the link to this page to your family and friends so they can enjoy them as well. Due to GodTube’s slow server response we have added links to our videos there instead of embedding them. One other thing we wanted to tell you was that clicking on these links will not take you away from our web site. What will happen is that a new window will open on the GodTube(tm) web site where you can watch the video. When you are done you can close that window and you will still be able to view this page.
Listening To Brother Malvory
View the founder of God’s Love In Africa as he explains his desire to work alongside of Evangelism Training International. Malvory Peffer of God’s Love In Africa talks to us about the work that God is doing on the Continent of Africa. View Africa for Christ.  
The Neighborhoods of South Africa
How many of you ever think about your neighborhood is crowded? Are you one of those who complain about the quality of housing you currently have? Have you ever seen the so-called “neighborhoods” of South Africa? Watch this video and take a ride with us a we show you what the shanty towns of South Africa look like. View African Neighborhoods.  
Young Children with AIDS
In this video you will see the true tragedy of the AIDS epidemic currently taking place on the African continent – the children of all ages. Millions of children in Africa are infected by the AIDS virus and have also been made orphans after both of their parents have passed away. Many people outside of Africa are unaware that almost all of the AIDS assistance such as medicines, healthcare, etc. is doled out to the adults of Africa instead of the children. The AIDS infected children receive very little, if any, health care and to amke matters worse they must fend for themselves. Near the end of the video you will see Brother Malvory Peffer leading some children through the Wordless Book. This is what Evangelism Training International is all about – reaching people for Christ, even if it means traveling half way around the world to do so. View Children with AIDS.  
Let’s Go Fishin’
To a lot of people fishing is one of the most boring things in the world to do no matter what kind of fish you are trying to catch. It could be that the “catch” you make just could be the one that leads this person into eternity knowing they will spend it at the Master’s feet. This video combines an exhortation about the correlation between fishing and fishing for men’s souls. Included in the video is a photo montage from our March, 2007 trip to South Africa. View Let’s Fish.
Witnessing to children is one of the easiest lessons one learns in our evangelism training sessions. Watch as this exchange takes place between Dave and one of his sons. View Sharing The Gospel With Children.