Questions & Answers About Evangelism, The Bible, Missions, and Cults

Q In today’s world, how do I approach someone in public that I feel God has called me to witness to without alarming them? A It is always important to follow Jesus’ example. Pray and ask the Lord to soften their heart, and give you the wisdom and the words to speak; then follow Jesus’ example and gently move the conversation from the natural realm to the spiritual realm. Being sensitive to the Holy Spirit throughout the day is so important. When you daily make yourself open, available, and ready for the LORD to use, HE WILL! Remember, God’s not looking for ability, He’s looking for availability. He will supernaturally bring people across your path who need Jesus and you will see a side of GOD that you could never imagine (Psalm 37:23; Proverbs 5:21; 16:9; 20:24; 2 Chronicles 16:9). If you are observant, you will find that there are countless opportunities to share Jesus daily. A bee will fly from flower to flower until he finds nectar. When he finds it, he then goes deep into the flower. In the same manner, we will be moving from person to person, looking for open hearts. As you meet people throughout the day, you will be putting out little feelers in your conversation. If the person responds to the feelers, you have the nectar of an open heart! A perfect example of this can be seen in John chapter 4. Jesus started in the natural realm with the woman at the well, and then moved the conversation to the spiritual. When you meet someone, you might talk about the weather, kids, sports, school, their new job, etc. You might tell a joke as you gently move the conversation from the natural to the spiritual. For example: You might be at the park sitting by a person watching the kids play. You notice the person is laughing at the kids. You chuckle also as you say, “Kids sure are a blessing from the Lord.” The person responds back, “They sure are.” You have an open heart, so you continue to move the conversation along. You say, “Jane, I notice your kids are having such a great time. We’ve got a great kids program at our church and your kids would love it.” She says, “That’s amazing! My husband and I have been talking about how we need to start taking the kids to church.” You respond back, “Jane, we’d love to have you come! But Jane can I ask you another question, If you should die today…” It’s so simple! Be friendly, be transparent, be real, and be you! If they’re not interested, don’t feel bad. The Lord just hasn’t opened their heart yet, so move on to the next person. Remember, it’s God’s responsibility to draw and convict, it’s our responsibility to go and share the good news! Q How do you distance yourself from a scoffer in public after they learn of your desire to witness to them? A Proverbs 22:10 says, “Cast out the scorner, and contention shall go out; yea, strife and reproach shall cease.” It’s usually not a good idea to waste your time on a scorner. As you speak to them, pray and ask the Lord if He would have you to continue. He will show you! Sometimes a person might seem to be a scorner, but they have been deeply wounded in the past (possibly by a Christian). You can lovingly ask them questions to help diagnose where the pain is coming from. They cannot combat the love of Christ so let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt that you may know how to answer every man (Colossians 4:6). If they continue to scorn, give them a salvation tract, pray for them, and look for someone else to share the Gospel with. Q As a pastor I find it difficult to motivate my congregation to share their faith. How can I teach them to want to do so? A Where the head goes the body follows. Evangelism is the cure for church boredom so put it on the front burner of the church. Jesus’ main priority in coming to this earth was to “seek and to save that which was lost.” It can no less be our priority. When the pastor consistently shares fresh witnessing and salvation stories from the pulpit, it ignites a fire in the church! You cannot expect the people to do what the pastor is not. The pastor should not be saying “Go get them”, but “Let’s go get them!” He must lead them by example and the sheep will follow. Also, it is imperative to have a consistent type of evangelism training where the flock is always encouraged and equipped to share the Gospel. This brings great excitement to the church! Q I try to reach children for Jesus and I wonder how to allay a parent’s fear of my presence with their child? A It’s always best to ask the parent if it would be alright if you could tell them an exciting story from the Bible. A great tool to use is the Wordless Book or the EvangeCube as it really captivates them and keeps their attention. When they see these, you usually won’t have to worry about the parents as the kids will be begging the parents to let you share. Also, if you’re in a house, NEVER be alone with a child in a room! ALWAYS be where the parent can see you. You always want to be above reproach; so be wise, exited, and loving and you will have the time of your life sharing the Gospel with these kids. One side note, don’t overlook the parents need of hearing the Gospel. Whenever I speak to a child and a parent at the same time, I’ll always primarily focus on the child; for Jesus said that a person has to have faith of a child to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. Q How do I share Christ with the opposite sex without displaying the wrong image to those who may see us? A Again, be above reproach. Don’t put yourself into questionable situations that might look bad. Never go into a house alone, even if invited in. When sharing the Gospel, don’t ever put your hands on someone of the opposite sex (even if praying). Always look into their eyes and be careful of your eyes. As you share the Gospel, be very cordial, being conscience of their personal space. Q Our youth group suddenly wants to start neighborhood soul-winning outings. How can I, as their Sunday School teacher train them? A There are many easy tool you can use. Simple ABC tracts can be used; but it is best to property train and equip them in a simple plan like the Romans Road. Other tools like the EvangeCube or Wordless Book are excellent tools that the youth can easily use. Once they’re trained, select a good time every week to go out. Make it fun, exciting, and then let them share of their exciting stories when they come back. This will light a fire under the youth and could very easily start a revival in your church. Q As a retired pastor I have been approached by a small group of younger pastors to train them in evangelism. Can you train me to train them? A Absolutely! Not only can we, we would be honored to! We specialize in training pastors all over the globe and as these pastors are trained, they are then encouraged to train others (2 Timothy 2:2). Just contact us and we will be more than happy to put training materials into your hands and get you started. We also will be praying for you and are there to assist you in any way we can. Q My pastor has challenged me to put together a missions trip to an economically disadvantaged area of our state. None of us, myself included, feel we know enough about reaching the lost. Can you train us? A Yes! Yes! Yes! We train pastors and share the Gospel in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world and are very familiar how to do so. Contact us and we will get you equipped and ready! Q Is there a ‘right way’ to approach someone’s door without alarming them? A Yes! When going out to share the Gospel, it’s best to go in groups of no more than two. Jesus sent the 70 out in two’s in Luke Chapter 10. Any more than that can be overwhelming to the person on the other side of the door. Also, when approaching a house, don’t be talking, joking around, as this could bring a wrong impression of who you are and why you’re there. A good rule of thumb is, after you knock on the door or ring the doorbell, as soon as the person begins to open the door, immediately step back or step down a stair. This shows them that you are harmless and aren’t there for any ill purposes. Then smile, introduce yourself, tell them why you’re there and share Jesus with them. Q My 13-year old daughter wants to go on a mission’s trip overseas with her Life Group from our church. How and what do I pray for as a parent for her and their group? A Pray with and for them for open doors to share the Gospel; for God’s wisdom, anointing , and power; for safe travel; for good health; for many souls to be saved and ministered to, etc, etc. Remember, it is not by might, nor by power, but by His Spirit that lives will be transformed (Zechariah 4:6) so, pray, pray, pray!   Are you always in need of questions you can use to strike up a conversation with a prospect? You are sitting next to someone on a plane, a bus, or almost anywhere and the Holy Spirit has just prompted you to talk to the person beside you about their Eternal Destiny. Here are some opening questions you can use that will not only start up a conversation but will help you lead them into questions about their salvation: OPENING QUESTIONS FOR SOUL-WINNING PROSPECTS.