Soul-Winners Handbook


For Your Training Use (English, Español, Areyòl Ayisyen, Hindi)

The document available on this page is truly a time tested document as it has been revised several times over the years since it was first written. This book is really all you should need to use in regards to handouts for your evangelism training sessions. It is clear, concise and life changing. We are in the process of translating the workbook into various popular languages, if you would like to offer your translation or proofreading services in translating these over then please contact us about this. We are unable to offer compensation for these services but do challenge you to pray and see if God would allow you to extend this workbook to your countrymen. In order to view or print this document you will need some sort of PDF reader. There are many different ones available for different computer operating systems, iPads, and even cell phones. You can look here: for a free PDF reader for whatever device it is that you will be downloading this document with.  

The ETI soul-winners handbook.