God Is Kicked Out of American Schools, Shows Up In Africa!

Invitations To Schools In Africa

The experience of being invited into schools in Africa contrasted with the godless schools of America. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD: and the people whom he hath chosen for his own inheritance.” (Psalm 33:12) “Brother Dave, when you Americans kicked God out of your schools in the 1960’s, He showed up in Africa!” These words from South African pastor Malvory Peffer continue to resonate in my ears since the day he spoke them to me long ago. Over the years, the LORD has allowed me to go on many mission trips to numerous countries. The first mission trip I ever went on in the early 1990’s was to the former Soviet Union. Before I even got off the plane, it didn’t take long for me to understand the repercussions of a country that decides to remove God from its moral fabric. What was the end result? Complete and total hopelessness! Very few people smiled; alcoholism was rampant, corruption was everywhere. My interpreter Max told me that the reason nobody ever smiled in the Soviet Union was because they’d been told for over 70 years that there was no God and they had no hope. He then said, “Dave, over here in the Soviet Union, the only time people laugh is when they’re drunk or they’re crazy. When Americans come over here, they’re always laughing; we know that they’re not drunk, so we just assume that all Americans are crazy.” In retrospect, America had better repent quickly as we are rapidly descending down the same path. Before America ever became a nation, its foundation was strong and the children’s education was strong. From the 1690’s to the early1900’s, the New England Primer was the primary textbook used. The children would learn the alphabet as such, “A-In Adams fall we sinned all. B-Heaven to find the Bible mind; C- Christ crucified for sinners died…” The philosophy was that if children could learn to read, they then would be able to read the Bible and thus become better citizens. Contrast that with today’s philosophy which is diametrically opposed to the Word of God. In the early 1960’s America took prayer out of school; in 1967 America decided to remove the 10 Commandments from its public schools and decided not to be governed anymore by God and His principles, and knowingly or unknowingly, embraced humanistic ideologies. The result has been complete and total havoc and erosion from the core principles that made America great and what she was founded upon. In used to be in America that the top problems in public schools were running in the halls, talking out of turn, and chewing gum in class. Now the major issues are teen pregnancy, drug abuse, murder, etc. When looking at the schools in America in relation to the schools in Africa, there is no comparison. Illegal in America, but legal in South Africa, we have open opportunities to share the Gospel in the public schools? Aren’t those closed to the Gospel? Not in Africa! Statistics reveal 85% of all people who get saved will do so before the age of 18. We are very aware of this fact. E.T.I. is fortunate to have almost carte-blanche access to share the Gospel with millions of kids! We understand that these kids are the future of Africa and that GOD has opened an incredible door of opportunity! Usually, we share the Gospel to the entire school. It’s not uncommon for us to share the Gospel at 3 schools in a day, with 900-1,200 kids at each school. If you do the math, that could be an average of 3,000 kids a day, 15,000 kids a week; 60,000 a month; 720,000 a year; that’s almost 3 million kids hearing the Gospel in just four years! What’s more, the students, the teachers, the principles are begging us to come. We must move quickly as these open-doors could close in the near future. One of the greatest sights and sounds is watching and hearing almost entire schools invite Christ into their lives! We have had so many kids come up to us afterwards and tell us “I feel so different!” These kids are very serious about their faith and the majority comes from homes where they have basically nothing. Please pray for us and consider joining us on our team! Jesus said, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these My brethren, ye have done it unto Me.” (Matthew 25:40)

Evangelism Training – Africa

“Christ For All Nations” is a powerful slogan used by several ministries that work exclusively on the African continent. While that is a great slogan we here at Evangelism Training International would rephrase that slogan as “Christ In Africa” for that is where the heart of E.T.I. lies. Elsewhere on this web site you will see it written that we have a heart for Africa but go where the Holy Spirit leads our feet. Africa has such a need for a regional evangelism seminar where we train pastors to train their ministries and congregations in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with those who live in and around their areas. An evangelism training conference will literally flood an area with people who have learned how to properly and effectively share the Love of God with their fellow countrymen. Church leaders, ministry staff, and even lay from South Africa to the northernmost shore of the continent of Africa are contacting us and asking us to hold an evangelism summit in their area so that others can come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior. If we train a pastor and that pastor trains just two more people then you will have three people sharing the Gospel. Referring to the chart below you will see that if each person just witnesses to or trains two others then you will have 31 people doing it in no time at all. Multiply this by many pastors who attend continental evangelism sessions and you will soon see how successful this African evangelistic campaign can become. Please pray with us and ask God what country on the continent of Africa he would have us go to. Next, please pray and ask Him how He can use you in these African mission projects. Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us here at E.T.I. about setting up a training session to train your lay people and ministry personnel on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with a dying world. We, all Christians, were charged with the responsibility of sharing God’s perfect message of Love with others and our ministry is ready and able to teach you how to effectively share the Gospel. Won’t you please pray and ask God how He can use you in our ministry? List of the sovereign states and dependent territories in Africa. Algeria (People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria), Angola (Republic of Angola), Benin (Republic of Benin), Botswana (Republic of Botswana), Burkina Faso, Burundi (Republic of Burundi), Cameroon (Republic of Cameroon), Cape Verde (Republic of Cape Verde), Central African Republic (Central African Republic), Chad (Republic of Chad), Comoros (Union of the Comoros), Democratic Republic of the Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Republic of the Congo (Republic of the Congo), Côte d’Ivoire (Republic of Côte d’Ivoire), Djibouti (Republic of Djibouti), Egypt (Arab Republic of Egypt), Equatorial Guinea (Republic of Equatorial Guinea), Eritrea (State of Eritrea), Ethiopia (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia), Gabon (Gabonese Republic), Gambia (Republic of The Gambia), Ghana (Republic of Ghana), Guinea (Republic of Guinea), Guinea-Bissau (Republic of Guinea-Bissau), Kenya (Republic of Kenya), Lesotho (Kingdom of Lesotho), Liberia (Republic of Liberia), Libya (Republic of Libya), Madagascar (Republic of Madagascar), Malawi (Republic of Malawi), Mali (Republic of Mali), Mauritania (Islamic Republic of Mauritania), Mauritius (Republic of Mauritius), Morocco (Kingdom of Morocco), Mozambique (Republic of Mozambique), Namibia (Republic of Namibia), Niger (Republic of Niger), Nigeria (Federal Republic of Nigeria), Rwanda (Republic of Rwanda), São Tomé and Príncipe (Democratic Republic of São Tomé and Príncipe), Senegal (Republic of Senegal), Seychelles (Republic of Seychelles), Sierra Leone (Republic of Sierra Leone), Somalia (Somali Republic), South Africa] (Republic of South Africa), South Sudan (Republic of South Sudan), Sudan (Republic of the Sudan), Swaziland (Kingdom of Swaziland), Tanzania (United Republic of Tanzania), Togo (Togolese Republic), Tunisia (Tunisian Republic), Uganda (Republic of Uganda), Zambia (Republic of Zambia), Zimbabwe (Republic of Zimbabwe)