ETI Partners

Partner With ETI as we seek to fulfill the Great Commission! No matter what church or ministry you contact you will always find at least one common need among them – prayer. Nothing succeeds without prayer and the ministry of Evangelism Training International is always looking for prayer partners. There are other needs as well such as financial gifts but the most pressing need is for prayer and here is a condensed list of our most pressing prayer needs:
  • Guidance for our leadership team that we may be sensitive to God’s direction to the places He wants us to visit and conduct our training sessions in.
  • Prayer for the health of all our leadership team and those who attend our training sessions.
  • A hedge about our teams and our trainees as everyone embarks on a journey to and from our training sessions.
  • Sacrificial giving from people and companies who give beyond their tithes to their local churches.
In our mission to unreached peoples we encounter many of God’s blessings while we train others on how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our mission is to train people to embrace their own vision to by going on a mission to unreached people in their neighborhoods, their cities, and even their countries. Please join us and become a partner with us, pray for us as we will surely pray for you and your needs as well. This ministry has a goal to show love to each and every person God leads us to witness to using the Word of God and your prayer support. Unlike churches which have a steady flow of income from tithes and other financial gifts our ministry has no set source of income so we depend solely upon the Benevolence of God to provide for our needs. If we could ask but one thing from you, other than prayer of course, it would be for you to pray to God that He would make you a financial partner of our ministry. One thing to be careful of should you decide to become a financial partner with our ministry – never give to us from your tithe! Your tithe goes to your local church and should never go anywhere other than your local church. The number of countries calling for us to come and train pastors and lay people alike are great this year and unfortunately it takes money and other donations in order to travel to and from these countries as well as other sundry needs along the way. So it goes without saying that our ministry encourages you to seek God’s will about whether or not he wants you to partner with us financially. Should He direct you otherwise then we would ask that you still consider becoming a prayer partner for without prayer we could never hope to accomplish all that God has placed on our hearts to accomplish this year and into the next year as well. Thank you for reading page! It is our hope and prayer that you will join us as a ministry partner, all you need do is click on the Contact Us button up above and let us now of your desires to help us.