What Our Training Is All About

Our training is designed and purposed to be:


Evangelism Training International is completely Biblical! This plan utilizes only the Word of God as its source. It is rooted in the Scriptures. God promised that His Word would never return unto Him void (Isaiah 55:11). The Bible declares that God’s Word “is like a fire”, which can melt the coldest of hearts and is like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces (Jeremiah 20:9). It is the Word that can soften the hardest of hearts. This training is a doctrinally pure, theologically sound, and is a Biblically centered plan to effectively share one’s faith.


Evangelism Training International is simple. It contains a step-by-step plan that requires absolutely no memorization! At the conclusion of this training, you will have all of the tools necessary to effectively share your faith.


Evangelism Training International is practical! It is effective in churches, Sunday Schools, small groups, retreats, seminars, conferences, Christian schools and colleges, or on an individual basis. This user-friendly plan can be used in a variety of settings and can be simply understood.


Evangelism Training International has been proven! Used extensively throughout the United States and around the globe, this plan has changed thousands of lives. Churches around the world have exploded with growth when this plan has been implemented.


Evangelism Training International is completely effective! Believers and church leaders across the globe have learned how to effectively share their faith using this plan! Many believers do not share their faith because they do not know where to begin, what to say, what to say next, or how to close the conversation. This plan covers in detail all that is needed to effectively bring people to Jesus Christ and encourage their growth in Him.


Evangelism Training International is cross-cultural in its scope and application! This plan may be used in any culture, any language, or any nationality. It has been taught internationally to multitudes of believers and church leaders!


Evangelism Training International is profoundly life changing! Multitudes who have used this simple plan have had the joy of leading family, friends, neighbors, work associates and strangers to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. Many have been called into full-time Christian service after learning how to simply and effectively share their faith using this plan.
The evangelistic projects that Evangelism Training International provides are always a blessings to the trainees and the trainers as well. One of the aspects of our training methods that differs from almost all other is that ours is accomplished without memorizing verses. Admittedly there is a school of thought where Bible verses must be memorized in our to to conduct effective evangelism but we think there is more to it than that. Many times a group will conduct soul winning and evangelism sessions with a goal of creating more church growth instead of simply following the Great Commission. Bible memorization is always a good thing, whether you are a soul winner to just walk to improve your relationship with the Lord. The only problem with teaching folks to memorize verses before they can go out soul-winning is they are quite nervous when they learn how to witness and then go out for their first time of sharing the Gospel. It’s just a fact of life, people get nervous when talking to strangers and trying to remember multiple Bible verses at the same time makes it all the more difficult. What method do we use when training people to share Christ without memorizing verses? Simple as a pre-marked New Testament with the Romans Road marked in the front cover. While it isn’t original with Evangelism Training International it has proven to be more effective than memorizing Bible verses. About the memorization aspect of our program, there are experienced soul-winners who have memorized the Romans Road and can effectively work without a New Testament. There are two things we find fault with when it comes to not using a a New Testament – credibility and honor. The credibility comes about when you show evangelism prospects the Word as it is written in the Bible, the last thing you want to do is to encounter a skeptic and not have the actual words which you can show them. Some soul winners are content using their own Bible and that is quite okay, but a pocket New Testament still contains the inerrant Word of God in it and will enable you you quickly show a prospect where God speaks about salvation. And the “honor” mentioned earlier? We teach all soulwinners to always go out in pairs, never alone. One for your own safety and two you always need someone to be praying while the other person is interacting with a possible convert. Honor is what you do to your partner when you take along a marked up New Testament, or even your personal Bible. You see, one never knows the spiritual maturity of the person with whom you go out on evangelism outreach sessions. Our church sends out by twos and sometimes these folks have never met the other party before the time when they go out soul-winning. Your partner just may be a new Christian and you dishonor them by showing your Biblical knowledge in such a way as to intimidate them. Could be that you go out with a new convert and they see who you whip through the Romans Road without a Bible and they get discouraged to the point where they stop going soul winning and we certainly don’t want that! Use the “Contact US” button on this page and let us know how we can help you become an experienced soul-winner without learning Bible verses.