You Have Been Called

To A Battleground, Not A Playground

2 Timothy 2:4 – “No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this life; that he may please him who hath chosen him to be a soldier.”God has called us to a battleground, not a playground. The great theologian R.A. Torey once said that, “99% of Christians play at Christianity.” Bill Bright, the founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, said that only 2% of Christians in the western world consistently and faithfully share the Gospel. That means 98% are AWOL, nowhere to be found. You and I are to be resolved, focused, completely sold-out to the One who was completely sold out for us! Many believers say they would die for Jesus, but not many are willing to live for him! May you and I be valiant warriors; men and women of great character, virtue, integrity, and honor who are resolved to live every day of our lives for an Audience of One! May we run the race with patience, passion, and perseverance. May we finish well. To hear the words, “Well done thou good and faithful servant”…it will be worth it all! May we be a warrior for Jesus!
Goliath’s Fall
The lines are drawn, the armies thereShouts of war fill the air…The brave, the mighty going out There’s always a cost…..and blood no doubt! Warriors dressed in full array They’ve been there forty nights and days… And still the strongman stands unbound With no challenger within his sound. Would that God would show His hand! Would that there was one true man! To look in the face of nine feet of death… And never EVER lose one breath. Then one fair boy, surely not a man— Kind of rudy in face and probably tan, Heard the Name of his God being blasphemed from afar… Said “That one taunt is enough- he’s gone to far!” With the Name of the Lord and a sling in his hand David met Goliath—the strongman of the land! He said, “The Lord doesn’t deliver by sword or spear!… The battle is the Lord’s and His power is here!” The zeal of the Lord launched that stone in the air! It had proved itself before against the lion and the bear! “This uncircumcised Philistine is no different..” David said, “For like the others soon this one too will be dead!” The sound of a thud…a sword out of sheath… And David with a head and no body beneath! The Philistine army was now on the run… And it’s just as he said—“The battle’s been won!” There’s a sound that is heard by those that don’t fear, And it’s only heard by those who are near, Weak souls camped out with the likes of King Saul, Will never be mighty and probably will fall. The Lord’s warriors go out into enemy land, Full of the Spirit—His weapons in hand! Never a doubt…never thinking of defeat, In this war there’s no such thing as retreat. Yes… There’s a sound that is heard by those that don’t fear, And it’s only heard by those who are near, A distinct sound…not much like it at all— It’s what true warrior’s hear…….when Goliaths fall! (Poem by Steve Griffin)